Research Reports

A selection of reports edited and/or copy edited for the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University:

Computational Campaign Coverage
By Andreas Graefe, July 2017

The Case for Media Impact
By Lindsay Green-Barber and Fergus Pitt, June 2017

Curious Communities: Online Engagement Meets Old-School, Face-to-Face Outreach
By Andrea Wenzel, May 2017

Life at Small-Market Newspapers
By Christopher Ali and Damian Radcliffe, May 2017

The Curious Journalist’s Guide to Data
By Jonathan Stray, May 2016

Guide to Automated Journalism
By Andreas Graefe, January 2016

Guide to Podcasting
By Vanessa Quirk, December 2015

Guide to Crowdsourcing
By Mimi Onuoha, Jeanne Pinder and Jan Schaffer, November 2015

Guide to Chat Apps
By Trushar Barot, November 2015

Virtual Reality Journalism
By Taylor Owen and Fergus Pitt, November 2015

The Traffic Factories: Metrics at Chartbeat, Gawker Media, and The New York Times
By Caitlin Petre, May 2015

Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content
By Craig Silverman, February 2015

Sensors and Journalism
By Fergus Pitt, May 2014